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Apricot Kernel Drink with Kiwi Oatmeal Bowl

Are you always in a hurry to eat breakfast in the morning, but don't want to eat breakfast with high oil and sugar outside?
Here's a super-easy, five-minute fruity Overnight Oats recipe that's ready before bed and ready to eat tomorrow morning!

Easy and Nutritious Oatmeal Bowls Made with Almond Milk


Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Prepare the ingredients:

  1. Oatmeal: 35g
  2. Roots Apricot Kernel Drink: 150ml
  3. Chia Seeds: 1tsp
  4. Kiwi: 1pc
  5. Banana: 1pc 
  6. Nuts or dried fruits: Moderate amounts


  1. Place oatmeal on the bottom and sprinkle with chia seeds.
  2. Add Roots Apricot Kernel Drink or other plant-based milk and stir to combine.
  3. Place in the refrigerator overnight, and garnish with fresh fruit slices the next day.
  4. Finally, add your favorite nuts or dried fruit and enjoy.

A convenient and nutritious oatmeal bowl that can be enjoyed any time of the day and is lighter and less taxing on the body. Roots Apricot Kernel Drink along with chia seeds and nuts are a good source of protein and fat, making you feel more satiated after eating.

Roots Apricot Kernel Drink is rich in 4.5g of protein and 9 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize on its own.