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Nanxing apricot, Guangzhong apricot, and almond kernel are all kinds of apricots. They are also the main raw materials of Youyuan Haoshi as almond milk, which tastes like almond tea.

Official Cuisine of the State Banquet: Apricot Kernel Drink and Fritters

Apricot kernel drink is one of the most iconic dishes of the Chinese cuisine. The slightly sweet and delicate aroma of apricot kernel drink comes from the seeds of the apricot, which is different from the common almond that we know.

In 1923, at the state banquet of the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito's visit to Taiwan, almond tea became the finishing touch to the dessert.

According to the Materia Medica, apricot kernels are known to calm lungs, relieve coughs and nourish skin, which is why Empress Dowager Cixi and Madam Chiang, Soong May-ling, both enjoyed the rich taste of apricot kernel drinks, which is both delicious and healthy, in their meals. In 1923, when the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito visited Taiwan for a state banquet, apricot kernel drink was the finishing touch to the dessert! At that time, Prince Hirohito was served with freshly ground apricot kernel drink and deep-fried fritters, which were both traditional dishes for the common people, but were a perfect ending to the feast.

Before bubble tea was invented, Taiwan alreaady had a lot of hot beverages such as green herb tea, liver-soothing tea and sesame paste, and iced beverages such as Chinese mesona ice and tapioca pearls. The abundant choices of beverages can always soothe the fatigue of a day's hard work. However, apricot kernel drink was a much more upmarket food at the time, as there were no apricot trees in Taiwan and the ingredients could only be imported from overseas, so apricot kernel drink was not an affordable drink for the general public and could only be an occasional luxury treat. Some people preferred the complementary taste of warm apricot kernel drink with fritters, while others preferred the melt-in-mouth texture of apricot kernel tofu. It is a pity that nowadays, the classics have been forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the world. Roots of Quality Foods would like to bring back this beauty and let you enjoy a moment of purity with our apricot kernel drink.

Roots Apricot Kernel drink is made from grinding every piece of apricot kernels.

Apricot kernels are different from almonds, which are produced from California lentil trees, but as both are commonly called the same term Xín Rèn, many people could be confused.

In addition to their distinctive aroma, apricot kernels also have these benefits:

  • Rich in vegetable protein and the 9 essential amino acids required by human body.
  • Rich in vitamin E, which is good for the skin and beauty.
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and zero cholesterol.
  • Their dietary fibre provides a longer lasting feeling of satiety.

Many commercially available apricot kernel drinks have now lost their flavour. Some use apricot kernel powder and hot water to make it quicker to produce, skipping the hassle of grinding and boiling; for texture, some add starch, rice water or cheap thickening ingredients to create the texture; for aroma, some even add harmful flavourings to enhance the taste.

Roots of Quality Foods has taken two years to create a product that is as good as it is remembered. We do not use powder to brew the drink. To extract as much of the original flavour of the kernels as possible and to retain their nutritional and dietary fibre content, Roots apricot kernel milk is made from whole ground apricot kernels and no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives have been added.

Take a moment to relax, open the bottle and enjoy this simple, pure and healthy Roots apricot kernel drink, taste the goodness from your memories!