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Plant-based Protein

Low Sugar

Low Carb

Lactose Free

No Artificial Flavourings



A classic dish from the Chinese cuisine.

We chose apricot kernels because we wanted to bring back a buried yet familiar taste, carrying an abundance of Chinese history.

Our Ingredients

The pureness of a product starts with its simplicity.

Roots Apricot Kernel Drink uses the simplest of ingredients to retain its full nutrition and elegant aroma.

Behind the Drinks

Our commitment to the well-being of the planet

Other than the use of all plant-based ingredients, there are also some clever packaging ideas aimed at preserving Earth.


Healthy for You, Healthier for the Planet

Roots' plant-based foods deliver health, convenience, and sustainability with good flavor! Thank you for helping to make the world a better place.

After I bought it, I couldn't stop drinking it.

Pink, white collar

It's healthy, convenient, friendly to the environment, and tastes great!

Kim, vegan

Thank you for making the world a better place, Roots Apricot Kernel Drink.

Jeffrey, environmentalist

Roots Apricot Kernel Drink is filling and saves you the hassle of brewing.

Jerry, running trainer

The taste is refreshing and does not give me the impression of a lot of gelatin, and the sugar level is just right, so you won't get tired of drinking too much.

Anne, dietitian