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Youyuan Good Food Almond Milk Brand Story

Roots of Quality Foods deliver health, convenience, and sustainability with good flavor!

For us, food is not just a simple necessity. It tells a story, embodies the joy and happiness of sharing, strengthens social and family ties, and passes on traditions. More importantly, a healthy diet can make life better. Apricot Kernel Drink is a perfect example of this, and is the origin of how we started Roots of Quality Foods.

The idea for our first product, Apricot Kernel Drink, actually came from my mother. There was a time when apricot kernel drink was people's favourite in Taiwan. It tastes creamy and smooth and has an elegant and charming aroma. Taiwanese people enjoyed drinking it all year round, cold in summer and warm in winter. To allow our family to enjoy the exceptional taste from the old days, my mother would get up early in the morning, grind the apricot kernels with a stone mill, add water and sugar, and simmer it into a delicious drink. For our family, this is the taste of a nutritious breakfast and happiness. 

The story of Youyuan Good Food comes from the almond tea that mothers get up and grind every day, ushering in a happy and nutritious breakfast time for the whole family

Our Vision

In order to make plant-based milks that people in Taiwan, and even the world, will find delicious and love, our develop our products based on these principles.

  1. Healthy and Tasty:
    We want to make use of the nutritional values of different plants, combined with innovative food technology, and create food that is healthy and tasty. Aprocot kernels live up to this expectation as they are rich in plant-based protein, unsaturated fatty acids, natural antioxidant vitamin E and, most importantly, they are extremely low in carbohydrates, making them ideal for calorie-controlled nutrition.

  2. Convenience:
    Our apricot kernel drink is different from those powder products that need to be reconstituted; it's ready to drink, so it's perfect for keeping a few bottles at home or in the office to fuel up on the go. Moreover, we also felt that the shelf life of cold chain products is too short and that it would be difficult to store them, so we wanted to develop a plant-based milk that could be stored at room temperature, so that there would be more room in the fridge for other foods. In addition, our bottle caps have been carefully selected for their ease of use. The cap can cut open the seal when rotated. You can close the bottle cap when unfinished, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, and making it portable.

  3. Environmental sustainability:
    A product emits greenhouse gases at all stages of its lifecycle - manufacture, transportation of raw materials, production, distribution, consumer use and recycling--we call this 'carbon footprint'. We want to do our best to create products that are friendly to the planet and the environment. For our raw material, we use renewable plant-based ingredients; For our packaging, we use 100% forest certified, recyclable paper packaging from international packaging company SIG, and we do not over-print. Our first product's packaging leverages container's original white color with the expectation of minimising the carbon footprint. We will continue to iterate and optimise, and we believe it will be better than the current one.

At the end

As we all know, each litre of dairy milk has a carbon footprint of 2.4 kg, at least twice that of plant-based milk. According to industrial economic statistics, with an annual dairy milk intake of 28 litres per person, 25-million population would easily consume 700,000 tonnes of milk in a year! I wonder if, like us, you've heard the sea level wail?

Plant-based milk is a healthy, low-carbon footprint, and trendy diet. The food industry continues to thrive as many companies invest in innovative technologies to mitigate global climate change. Unfortunately, in Asia, except soymilk, we are still very short of plant-based milk production facilities and research technologies, resulting in most plant-based milk being imported from overseas, without a significant improvement in our carbon footprint.

We thought that with the delicious, convenient and creative Roots of Quality Foods recipes, we would be easy to break the boundary between carnivore and vegetarian and convert the nutrients in your diet to plant-based sources. The best way to be kind to the planet is to occasionally add plant-based ingredients to your meals to make your body lighter and healthier. Healthy for You, Healthier for the Planet! In the pursuit of a better life, we must also remember to care for the planet we live on.

From now on, we must work together to create more fun in our lives. You can join us to make Roots of Quality Foods down-to-earth, warm and interesting. We will keep you updated with our latest news via Instagram, so feel free to follow us. 

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