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Youyuan Good Food Almond Milk Sustainable Environment

Taiwan's apricot kernel drink is not only an important and delicious part of our memories, it is a treasure worth sharing with the world. While promoting healthy eating and a better life, we are also committed to our vision of environmental sustainability.

From the selection of ingredients to the processing and packaging design, we try to minimise resource consumption in every step of the process, so that the next generation can continue to enjoy the resources of the earth.

  1. We use only 'pure' plant-based ingredients to protect animals and to reduce our carbon footprint.
  2. The majority of our paper packaging is made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled wood pulp, rather than pulp from virgin forests, effectively reducing CO2 emissions by 28%; after consumption, the packaging can be reused or recycled.
  3. The packaging has been designed to retain a large area of pure white, reducing the use of printing inks.
  4. We have entrusted the manufacture of our products to a factory that has been awarded the Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint labels--Sunnano Biotechnology Inc., which has not only installed low-emissions production equipment, but also greened the factory, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 865 tonnes a year.

In a world of chaos and confusion, it is all the more precious to be able to enjoy a moment of purity and a dialogue with yourself. We hope that Roots of Quality Foods can accompany you in your 'me time', in your interactions with your partner and in your daily life with family. When you are pursuing a better life, you should also remember to love the planet we live on. Healthy for You, Healthier for the Planet! Only when life is simple can the mind be enriched.